Do you consider yourself an classy individual, or do you see yourself as a risk taker?

At Abaco Wines and Wine Bar event you can be both as you enjoy sipping some WINE with a piece of DOUGHNUT. Who would of thought of that?!

BazzStyle always brings to you the latest trends in South Florida. So we couldn’t let this unique and exotic combination pass us by. The perfect pair of food and drink has joined forces to bring luxury and sweetness to your mouth. Expect the un-expected with Abaco Wines & Wine Bar and The Salty Donuts.

Okay, so I must admit, this is a combination I never thought of having before. However, there’s no reason why two of the best goods we enjoy consuming for an evening out and for breakfast can’t be paired. Particularly these days in which you catch yourself waiting in lines for fifteen minutes to get your favorite flavor at a doughnut shop. Imagine… A love for wine and doughnuts, a combination of flavors you must try!

Let’s forget about the cheese, the meat and the pasta for a minute. It’s not the first-time wine has been paired with a unique food item beside Charcuterie. On Thursday night Abaco Wines & Wine bar brings you a delightful evening with some of the best wines from the European Region and unique doughnuts from The Salty Donuts.



Abaco Wines and Wine Bar owned and operated by Ben Disesa and Andy Barowsky is a bespoke wine shop and tasting room located on the second floor of the Palm Court in the Miami Design District. The shop was designed by Architect BCJ “Bohlin Cywinski Jackson” who also designed the Apple store on NYC’s Fifth Ave. His designs are elegant, clean, environmental friendly and energy efficient. Abaco Winery has a luxurious yet modern design featuring iPad technology for providing you with information of the diverse kinds of wine they offer. The shop has a wide variety of wines from around the world, they offer by the bottle and by the glass. Sommeliers certified staff is there to assist you with their selection in the glass menu as well as their top bottles. Their variety consists of wines such as: Excellent vintages, Abaco wine, limited production wines, and upcoming wine products.



A perfect summer night with friends and family at The Miami Design District. You have certified Sommeliers staff from Abaco Wines to teach you the best combinations of rose, red, or white wine to have a sip with some unique doughnuts. An evening out hosted by Abaco Wines & Wine bar you can’t miss.

The wine tasting is $25 per person, which includes three wine glasses, the featured appetizer and the class, which runs for 45+ minutes. However, if you buy a $50+ bottle in store the day of the wine tasting event, you’ll be refunded the cost of the wine tasting. Not a bad deal for an evening out with a bottle to take home!

Abaco has weekly wine celebration events at their store, see their event calendar LINK and stay on the lookout for the next unexpected pairing event.









The Prosecco has an aroma of honeydew melon, raw almond, with a hint of mint. At the palate, it’s a refreshing and dry, soft, bubbly-filled wine. It makes for a delicious match when paired with the traditional glazed buttermilk doughnut which consists of a 24-hour raised buttermilk brioche topped with a Tahitian vanilla bean glaze.



Alisace- France


The aroma has a Lychee, ripe pear, honey, all spice, and stoney minerality. It has an intricate taste with a bitter orange, almond skin while luscious and full bodied. When paired with the guava & cheese-filled doughnut topped with “Galleta Maria” crumble, it dampers the sugary sweetness of the doughnut which makes it a delectable brunch item.




Loire Valley- France


My top paring choice is a complex wine known for its taste and scent. This particular cuvée has an interesting blend of Pinot Noir, Malbec, and a hint of Gamay. Spiced cherry, candied violet, and cinnamon come through on the nose while the taste is succulent with a mild tannins and licorice root finish. This requires a doughnut that can stand by its side. The Coffee cake is a baked spiced donut, oat crusted bottom, homemade coffee ganache, topped with oats & the homemade biscotti and the combination of the two are a match made in heaven. Writing about it makes my mouth water.







If you want to see more and try other options, head over to Abaco Wines & Wine bar and see what they recommend. If you can’t make it, stay on the lookout for the next unexpected pairing event from Abaco Wines & Wine bar.

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Miami design District

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