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Before I tell you the latest scoop, here are a few things you should know about Bazz

  • You’ll only see content Bazz enjoys and recommends. We’ve tried it, you should too.
  • A tropical lifestyle blog, experience the different cultures in one city.
  • Miami has a lot to offer, we love to capture the best of the best! What’s in.
  • Seasons change, so does style. I’ll give you inspirations and tips that’ll keep you in style.

If you love to discover and explore, BazzStyle brings that to you with a simple “click”

BazzStyle is dedicated to bringing a lifestyle of innovative design, fashion, art, music, theater, dining experience, and local dwellings.

Join us on the new adventures! Everything you see in BazzStyle is things we find passion on. We will show you what’s in and good.

I hope BazzStyle brings that creative, fun lifestyle world to you!

If there are any subjects you are interested in and would like us to post about, contact us!

We would love to know what your interest are.




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