Last week, I had the opportunity to spend the day driving around Fisher Island enjoying Miami’s sunset views with the new MOKE AMERICA.

As Miami breezy Autumn days kick in, it’s the perfect time to drive around with the top down. Therefore, I decided to give the E-Moke a little spin. MOKE has a retro/modern design that takes me back to the 60’s and 70’s style, so chic! It’s the perfect car to drive around all year-long in Miami’s tropical weather, from the beach to your home or as I did, around Fisher Island.The slogan of the E-MOKE ‘s slogan “Always on vacation” epitomizes the feeling you get riding it. While driving around in the electrical car and enjoying the breeze running through my hair, we plugged in our phones and blasted my POP/LATIN music. It was so much fun driving around the “mini jeep” “beach buggy”  MOKE car!

On the way back home, I was intrigued to know more about the Moke America car. It’s design, simplicity, spaciousness and energy-efficient qualities are amazing! It’s unique, new to the market and fits right in appealing to the trendy South Florida market.

What I learned:

  • 1960’s classic design from England
  • MOKE America is the new electric ‘E-MOKE’ (the car I drove)
  • Assorted colors available
  • Fully charge in 8 hours. (same outlet we use for phones)
  • 40 miles after a fully charged 110-outlet.
  • Assembled in America with American part
  • Receive tax incentive for being an electrical car
  • One year warranty. bumper to bumper
  • Drivable on the streets! Just need a license plate & registration.

Available exclusively in America, this limited edition of collectible classics is re-engineered for our generation, with top-of-the-line battery charges from any standard plug.

I’ve partner up with Moke America for you to get a test drive around fisher Island.

Mention BazzStyle

Paula D’Elia from Moke America.


Jumpsuit: BCBG (link)

Watch: Coach

Sunglasses: RayBan

similar hat: Macy’s

Shoes: Aldo