Whether you are looking for a place to hang out with friends, a family night out, meeting your crush or would like to try a new place in Miami; I must say Topgolf is THE new hottest place to have fun, eat, drink and golf. Maybe your date will give you a tip or two on how to golf, show off his/her skills to impress you or see how fun and original you are for selecting this new location.

It’s not your traditional driving range landscape where you attend to golf. It’s a new entertainment complex located in South Florida, with three floor level building containing individual golf bay range where you can order food and drinks.

It features a full restaurant, outdoor dining area, bar, pool tables, shuffleboard, video game consoles, event space, DJ, great happy hour, golf balls with microchips to keep your score, and a fun gathering atmosphere. It’s the first location in South Florida and we couldn’t wait to attend the Grand opening!

Upon arrival, you check in at the front desk and receive a Topgolf card, which is a personalize “membership card” that allows you to register into the computer system on the bay and it keeps track of your score.

To begin playing, you must swipe your Topgolf card and select the time frame you would like to play and the game; there’s a variety of games for different level skills. As you might guess, I played beginners; Since this is not your ordinary driving range, even people who don’t play golf can have fun.

“Experts” or more experience golfers prefer the ground level as it has the feel of a normal driving range. Each bay allows up to 6 people to play actively. There’s a circular colorful net on the ground that reads the yards, the closer your ball gets to the center zone the more points you earn, “Bonus points if you hit the guy in the golf car”.

Depending on your lifestyle, if you are free at night or in the mornings, or just have a day off and you are looking for something to do. Topgolf is open from 9:00am until late at night. The early birds always get the benefits, so if you decide to join Topgolf in the day, you can save a few bucks with their “off-peak-time offers” and save yourself some pennies… It’s a fun new experience where you can enjoy hitting some targets, while the server brings the drinks and food.

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17321 NW 7th Ave.Miami Gardens, FL 33169