Who said denims are out of style?

This unique & classic style has made a comeback. The 90’s rule, so go look deep inside your closet, and bring back that mini denim skirt.


I am really excited to mix and match this vintage mini skirt with some new and different items. It’s a versatile clothing style that can be dressed up and down, and one that works for any occasion. I love mini denim skirts and skirts overall, it helps show off that strong shoe game, and leg bonus. I love the outfit, because it could be worn as weekend look , an evening out, or even a classy and stylish way to run errands.

On the last windy afternoon of spring, a striped bottom down shirt, a white blazer, and a mini denim skirt would accomplish the look just fine. I flared it up and kept it simple at the same time by adding a nude purse, and nude high heels to the finished work. Something I’d say: Is a classy yet minimalist look for South Floridians.



White Blazer: Banana Republic 

Button-down Shirt: Ralph Lauren

denim skirt: Levi’s

Watch: Apple Watch 

Leather purse: Louise et cie – Vince Camuto 

Shoes: Steve Madden